Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Ultimate Gift

I recently saw the movie “The Ultimate Gift” and could not help but realize the wisdom of the rich grandfather in not just handing over the billion dollar inheritance to his grandson. He caused his grandson to go through great difficulties in order to gain understanding, proper perspective and appreciation for things he had never experienced before. Those things ended up becoming greater gifts than the incredible riches he was to inherit. Although at first he hated his grandfather and thought he was just being mean and evil at his expense, in the end he came to understand his great wisdom and love.

I could not help but see the heart of God the Father in this movie. He knows what increase and blessing will do to us if we do not have the proper character first. He desires us to have the best, to be blessed and for those blessings to be used to bless others. He must take us through many testing’s and difficulties in order for us to have the proper perspective, be proven faithful, capable and trustworthy to receive the fullness of our inheritance.

Through these trials we receive many precious gifts along the way. Sensitivity and compassion to others, a realization of our weaknesses, patience, and a stronger faith and hope in His heart towards us, but that revelation often comes once we are on the other side. After we have gone through a few testing’s and seen the fruits of righteousness they have produced and the greater understanding of His ways, the more we are able to lean and press into the trials of our next circumstance because we know we will begin to see Him as He really is (1 Jn 3:2). We also realize that no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly, but that sometimes the thing we desire is not a “good thing” until He has produced in us what needs to be produced. (Jms 1:2-4, Phil 1:6, 8-11, Ps 84:11)

In this season, if some good things are being withheld from you, know that it must be because it would not be good for you at this time. In His mercy and loving-kindness He will add it to you when it will be the best for you and those around you. (Ps 34:8-22)