Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Eye of the Master Craftsman

I wrote this prayer the other day knowing that as parents Chip and I can tend to see all the things that our children are not, all the manners they don’t have, and all the character that still needs to be formed. Yet I believe the heart cry and the desire of most Christian parents is similar to the prayer I prayed for us. This is our battle. This is the area of our greatest need and desire for our children. May the Lord answer this prayer for all of us.

The Eye of the Master Craftsman

We want spiritual children not religious children! Lord, teach us Your ways. You have made us spiritual, not religious. Help us to recognize, remember, and think on all the ways that You have taught us, led us, disciplined, encouraged, and corrected us. Help us to see from Your perspective... how You have produced in us, what You have produced. As we see, may we then be like You and walk in Your ways, that our children will grow up to be trees of righteousness with deep spiritual roots.

You are the master craftsman, seeing the vessel before its fully formed and pulling it out from the midst of all that surrounds it, breaking the outer portions yet keeping intact the precious gem, shaving off the rough edges to create a beautiful, usable piece, removing the excess clay then molding and pressing it to bring forth the desirable shape.

You also know and are so wise in placing the vessel where it is tested so it may be proven or refired depending on the results. You also know the design and its perfect placement so it will be shown off the best and feel the sense of fulfillment that it is exactly where it should be, being utilized and appreciated for its part.

May we have that eye for our children, that we can break off what is keeping the gem from shining forth, that we will be confident to be the sandpaper to go against the grain of what they think , want or what the world tells them they are designed for. May we press strongly always with an eye for who they really are, molding them in that way. May we not grow weary or fainthearted. May we never fail to start the design or be fearful to touch because they push against it or don’t desire it, or because we didn’t look to see!

Oh Lord, let us see with Your eyes the bigger picture for our children. Help us see the gems that they are and not be focused in a wrongful, discouraging way on the rough edges. Remove the cataract and hardness from our eyes.

Help us to know their strengths and bents that we may pour Your word, Your Spirit, Your ways into those areas that they would not be vessels of pride but vessels fit for the Master’s use.

Help us Lord to train these beautiful, young stallions. May they run with grace and dignity, beauty and strength, submitted to The Master so that those who see them all the days of their life will be glad and rejoice in who they are and never be sad, hurt or broken by them.

Help us to help them be gifts to this world and all who know them. May they bring delight to Your heart. Give us the grace for generational/spiritual transfer I pray. That we would follow You and our children would follow you. Let us never be like Eli who served You but his son’s were wicked and perverted and turned the hearts of people away from You. Likewise, David sought after You but many of his sons turned away or never knew You.

We could have the same with our children. We are weak in many ways. Lord, have mercy on us and our children. Strengthen us to teach them, show them and require from them to walk in Your ways, yield to Your heart and will, and not follow the dictates of their own heart. As stewards of them while on this earth, may we one day stand before You with them by our side knowing that we were faithful to do our part in helping them to grow in wisdom, stature and favor with God and men.----Amen